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THE AMBASSADORSHIP PROGRAM - Pilgrims of European Culture

The key objective of the Theresia Ambassadorship Program is to introduce new audiences, especially young people, to the world of classical music and Historically Informed Performance (HIP) practice. To do so, over the course of three years, nine young musicians, representing nine different European countries, will embody and transmit the core values of classical music and its importance to their countries of origin.  
First, the target audiences that the ambassadors aim to address and the key messages that they want to convey are identified  in a co-creation workshop guided by ICONS’ communication experts. During the workshop, the ambassadors get the chance to define which online and offline activities they would like to carry out during their ambassadorship to engage with new audiences. Additionally, specific video and graphic materials are developed and shared on Theresia’s blog and social media channels as well as the ambassadors personal social media accounts. Their path as ambassadors will culminate in the organisation of a specific public event such as workshops, seminars, music labs, performances in unusual places, aiming to physically connect with the target audience they identified  in their home countries.

This program is a truly unique opportunity in the European panorama in support of the dissemination of European classical music and culture. Moreover, this is a valuable opportunity for Theresia grantees to improve and practise their communication skills and to create new professional opportunities in their home countries, fully supported by a European-recognised organisation such as Theresia.

Follow the journey of our ambassadors.




Laurène Patard-Moreau is a French violinist from Toulouse (France) who lives and studies baroque violin in Amsterdam. Laurène is very creative, and has always a project in mind. Currently, she is learning how to play the mandolin, and Gypsy Jazz on the violin.


Javier Sanchez Castillo is a bassoon player from Spain who studies at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. He is fascinated by nature and would like to connect this with his historical instrument.


Ciara Sudlow is an Irish/Australian violinist and violist studying a master of historical performance at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. She has a keen interest in Irish traditional music and improvisation in early music. In her free time, she enjoys crafting projects with leather.

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