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THE AMBASSADORSHIP PROGRAM - Pilgrims of European Culture

The key objective of the Theresia Ambassadorship Program is to approach new audiences, especially the youth, to the world of classical music and Historically Informed Performance (HIP) practice. To do so, over the course of three years, a total of nine young musicians, representing nine different European countries, will embody and transmit the core values of classical music and its importance to their countries. 

The new target audiences and the key messages will be identified by the ambassadors/ambassadresses in a co-creation workshop guided by ICONS’ communication experts. The communication materials that will come out from it will be used to reach the identified audiences. First online, through Theresia’s blog and social media. Then, each of them will physically connect with the identified public in their home countries through engaging activities like workshops, seminars, musical ateliers, and performances in unusual places.

This program is a truly unique opportunity in the European panorama to support the diffusion of European classical music and culture. Moreover, this is a valuable chance for Theresia’s advocates to improve and put into practice their communication skills and to create new professional opportunities in their home countries, but not only, backed by an entity recognised at European level as Theresia.

Follow the journey of our Ambassadors and Ambassadresses!



Anna Krzyżak is a Polish violist. Her main musical interests are early and contemporary music as she finds these two styles connected to each other. Anna knits in her free time and thanks to knitting her fingers are always ready to play.



Irina Fârtat is originally from Romania; she studied historical viola and violin at the Haute Ecole de Musique in Geneva, Switzerland. In her free time, she likes to learn new makeup techniques, enjoys reading, and her favourite workout is boxing.



Léna Ruisz is a Hungarian born violinist living and studying in Basel, Switzerland. When she is not busy playing, she can either be found in the mountains hiking with friends, or painting an enchanted scenery with tiny brushes.


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