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Concerto Theresia is a professional orchestra composed by the alumni of Theresia Orchestra. Established in May 2020 as a resilient reaction to the COVID-19 crisis, Concerto Theresia contributes to the sustainability of the Theresia Orchestral Systems (THEOS) by supporting it with part of its fees and revenues, thus enabling the awarding of the grants to more and more young talented musicians. In this way, alumni support also in a tangible way the entry of new young musicians into the Theresia learning system.

Concerto Theresia has also the scope to provide a professional follow-up to the experience made in Theresia Orchestra, making the application to the learning cycles more attractive for the young candidates. This is a rare case of a youth orchestra transforming into a professional scheme  from its core and with the purpose to provide support to it.


Still, the underlying principles of Theresia remain the same, i.e. a project built around the musicians, empowering their artistic responsibility and with no adds-on by senior professionals. The beauty and the power of Theresia Orchestra continues into Concerto Theresia.


The membership of Concerto Theresia automatically derives from the participation to the learning cycles of Theresia Orchestra and is open to all musicians who:

  • are under 40 years of age, and

  • have successfully completed at least one entire learning cycle with Theresia Orchestra, and

  • have expressed their interest to enter into the Concerto Theresia professional scheme, and

  • are approved by the Artistic Direction.

The current members of Concerto Theresia are 75 musicians coming from 28 world nations and 10 EU countries (Argentina, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia, China, Costarica, Cuba, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA).

The orchestra aims to invite all of its members to join some of the professional projects that will be organized in the coming years, to keep on their cultural ambassador role well beyond the termination of their learning cycle with Theresia Orchestra: a unique feature in the current European youth orchestras arena.


Concerto Theresia broadens the traditional repertoire of Theresia Orchestra and explores baroque composers as well as romantic masterpieces.  

The orchestra made its debut in August 2020 as the accompanying ensemble at the prestigious International Singing Competition for Baroque Opera “Pietro Antonio Cesti”, held during the Innsbucker Festwochen der Alte Musik. In August 2021 the orchestra has been invited by the same festival for the opera production "Boris Goudenow" by Johann Mattheson, under the baton of Andrea Marchiol.

A series of other concerts and opera settings are currently planned for Spring 2022, and a special project on Traetta sacred music is scheduled for mid-2023.

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