Theresia is an international orchestra composed by musicians under 30 years of age coming from the major European schools of early music. Theresia focuses exclusively on the classical music repertoire and promotes its performance on authentic instrumentsdeveloping its learning cycles and concert tours around the symphonic works of Haydn, Mozart, Kraus, Boccherini, Beethoven and Mendelssohn. 








The orchestra has been established in January 2012 under a private patronage scheme on the initiative of the Italian entrepreneur Mario Martinoli. More than 1000 orchestral training hours, 10 principal conductors and tutors, 130 musicians, 600 applications received from 32 world countries are the numbers that better describe the work that Theresia has done so far. Beyond numbers, the value of Theresia is also witnessed by more than 50 concerts held over the past years in several venues and festivals in Italy.



Theresia is a musical project built around its young musicians. As such, it grew on the belief that the members of the orchestra should also cover the principal musical roles, i.e. concertmaster and soloists. No senior musician plays in the orchestra. The entrust of the orchestra to several conductors, not just one, was another decision that improved the learning experience of its members, enabling them to confront not only with the repertoire but also with different artistic readings and approaches. Giovanni Antonini, Chiara Banchini and Alfredo Bernardini are among the invited principal conductors of the orchestra.


From 2016 the orchestra operates under the patronage of the Fondazione iCons, a cultural organisation based in Northern Italy, and has recently developed into a structured educational program: all 25 permanent members of the orchestra receive grants for the duration of one or two years, following educational paths designed to provide them with refined instruments to improve their playing and building a better awareness on the specific features of the classical music repertoire.